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Changes to Issue 5 of the Archers Reference

  • Section Extended and corrected the instructions on cutting ACEs
  • Section 2.2.4: Fixed "1998 instead of 1" in arrow selection list
  • Section 2.2.9: Word "ecur" instead of arrow?? Fixed.
  • Section 11: Added more acknowledgements.
  • Various: Word had appeared to have lost some letters in some words! Fixed as many as I could find.
  • Improved clarity of images on PDF output.

Changes to Issue 4 of the Archers Reference

  • Changed Email address on first page.
  • Added section 2.1.2: Selecting the correct bow length
  • Section 2.1.5: Added information on new string materials.
  • Section Added Beiter nocking point instructions.
  • Section Corrected static spine description.
  • Section 2.2.4: Added words of warning on arrow selection
  • Section 2.27: Added more detail on wrapping PTFE tape on nocks.
  • Section 6.1.1: Added picture of formaster and fleshed out reversals description.
  • Section 6.1: Added new exercises
  • Section 7.3: Extended the section on Field archery
  • Section 8.1: Added reason for ladies having their bows with them.
  • Corrected results header
  • Section 8.3.1: Added info on the TD/2 Section
  • 9.3: Checked links. Added new links.
  • Section 11: Added more acknowledgements
  • Updated formatting generally to increase margins for binding.

Changes to Issue 3 of the Archers Reference

  • Updated drawing in "Bows - Technical terms for beginners" section correcting back/face error, and improving readability.
  • Added draw weight calculation and description of AMO limb weight measurement.
  • Added diagram showing method for checking limb alignment.
  • Added diagrams for bareshaft tuning to nocking point adjustment and arrow spine correction sections.
  • Removed Walk-back tuning (Gabriel Gerhard).
  • Added diagram for Vic Berger method.
  • Variety of grammatical/spelling corrections
  • Updated links to reflect changes
  • Added modern history section.
  • Added competition preparation section.
  • Added description of MASTERS round.
  • Added Rick Stonebraker's "Tuning for Tens" at the end of the tuning section.

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