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My favourite archery sites
The following sites are my own personal surfing haunts, and a good place to go for more information.


Angus Duggan's home page. Lots of excellent information from the Scottish Archer, now resident in the USA. Contains copies of the FAQs and probably the most comprehensive links page on the net!
Spooky's Target On-line. Lots of useful information. Good string-making section.

Scottish Clubs

Balbardie Archers & Grange Archers - two clubs, one set of members! (nearly). (Bathgate and Maddiston nr. Falkirk)
Check out www.scottisharchery.org.uk for the rest of the scottish club links

Other Clubs

Sagittarius. Simply the best! The FAQs are here. Home of the "Blackboard" a discussion group frequented by many well-known archers. Searchable database of discussions, Usenet archives, you name it... it's here!
Centenary Archers. An Australian club with great pages on tuning, form, equipment, etc. Nice newsletter too! Many of the diagrams and articles in the Archer's Reference were "borrowed" from this site. Thanks guys!!
Havant and Hayling Bowmen. An English archery club.
Cheshire County Bowmen. Check out the "fun" page.
Moorabbin Archery Club (Aus). Lots of information. Huge clipart and links sections.
http://www.knhs-concordia.org Dutch site, but with a good selection of Videos for download (maybe the rest is good too, but I can't read dutch!). Downloads are in the boogschieten section.


Scottish Archery. The official site of the Scottish Archery Association. Edited/Designed/Coded by yours truly!
GNAS.. Grand National Archery Society, the UK governing body for all things toxophilite. All the information on rounds, records, events, contacts, news and more.
US National Archery Association. Nice site!
Texas State Archery Association. Lots of useful information. Check out the Board Members/President/Personal page for excellent documents by Rick Stonebraker.
FITA. No links list would be complete without the Federation International de Tir a l'Arc


Archery Small Ads. Equipment for sale and wanted, includes a useful "lost/stolen" section.
Quicks. UK archery supply company. Full catalogue on-line, technical articles and more.
Archery Focus magazine. The superb US archery magazine. Lots of excellent articles from many of the most knowledgeable people in the sport, including Rick McKinney, Don Rabska and George Tekmitchov to name but a few. Magazine on-line subscription is available.
The Bow. Well-written UK archery magazine. This site is well designed and full of useful links.
Alternative Sporting Services. UK based archery retailer. Sells most things at good prices. Accepts Euros, UK Pounds and US Dollars.


Home of some of the best (and worst!) advice around... the world of archery, in one place.


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