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Personal Info

Name: Murray Elliot
EMail: murray.elliot.web@googlemail.com
Clubs: Balbardie Archers and Grange Archers, both situated in central Scotland.

Archery History

1991: Joined Cupar Bowmen after a 'come-and-try' at a country fair. I was hooked!

My very first bow was a Korean-made take down recurve. Cost me £30 and had 28lb limbs. I quickly outgrew it (thankfully!).

1993: Bought a Border Comet. All wood take down, 32lb limbs - felt nice to shoot and nice to hold - it was love at first sight. First time I'd used a clicker, pressure button, stabiliser all that jazz. Started to worry about things like tuning. Developeda bad case of target-panic. :o(

1994-1996: Didn't shoot for a year and a half for one reason and another.

Sep. 1996: Joined Balbardie Archers, found out how expensive it is when you have topay for GNAS/SAA affiliation :o(. Thanks to some great coaching, got over mytarget panic and started to shoot some reasonable scores at last!

Apr. 1997: Joined the Grange because one hour a week wasn't enough! :o) Got my Portsmouth p.b.to 534

May 1998: Bought a 2nd-hand Stylist Star with carbon+foam 38lb limbs. I thought I might be making too big a jump in weight here, but when I shot the bow it was so smooth and nice to shoot I decided it had been the right move. First time I scored, I added 10 points to my p.b., the next time I added another 4, the next time another 11, and so it continued for many happy months. FITA pb: 1142. Portsmouth pb: 575 18m FITA pb: 547

October 2001: Bought a 2nd-hand Radian during one of my many trips to the USA that year. Added a pair of WIN&WIN Winact limbs, (tried Border and Hoyt, also but neither compared to the feel of the Winacts). Shot some indoor scores, came close to both PBs. Latest news: Still waiting to get outdoors to get some sightmarks!

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